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Saturday, July 5, 2008

You'll Screw Up

The thing with recipes is that, I don't know anyone, other than decent to accomplished chefs that get it right on the first try. Good cooks are able to pick up on small cues from the food. Such a little wisp of smoke indicating food burning. Or the change in texture of a steak from soft to firm that indicate the steaks temperature. With that in mind, you will screw up a few recipes along the way. The trick is that you pay close attention to the food when you're cooking. Listen to the food. It will talk to you in the language of sizzles and bubbles. Look at the food. It will toast, or brown, or burn right before your eyes. Taste the food. Your cooking it, if anyone should taste it should be you. Smell the food. Close your eyes and try to detect what all the different flavors are. Pay close enough attention to the food your cooking and the screw ups will minimize.

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