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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Food Blog - Challenge #1 - Ready, Set, Blog!

As my wife and I were contemplating entering the Project Food Blog contest we were thinking about everything we've accomplished with our blog.  From the beginning, all we wanted to do was to show people how to cook. We don't have anyone publishing for us, taking our pictures or writing our recipes. Nothing fancy schmacy, just good, easy to cook food. For 2 full years we've posted, when we could, any amazing products that we've personally tried, any immediate family meals that were notable and any extended family special occasion meals.
We figured it would be best to toot our horn on the first challenge and show the posts that we feel we're most significant for us. We are family people and given the choice to spend time with family, which usually revolves around food, or doing anything else, hands down we are with family.
We know that this first post may be excessive but this is who we are. We're just honored to be considered. Enjoy the show!
Here's a slide show of every every picture we've taken thus far.

We make Christmas Bread every year over my Mom and Dad's. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins all come over as well. We drink wine, kneed the bread, wait for it rise, then braid it, then deep fry it. See blog post s

This is White House Fruit Farm in Canfield, OH. We felt right around October would be the best time to visit because of all the fall colors. See the blog post

Next is the The Second Harvest Food Bank. We raised a couple hundred thousand dollars for them. In order of chaffing pans from left to right, Shrimp Cocktail with Gran Marnier and Habanero Tobasco Infused cocktail sauce, Pork Tenderloin. Check the blog post.

The following are just some holiday spread pictures.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dad's Cuban Sandwiches

The hardest park of this recipe is making sure that you cook the pork long enough. My dad recommends to use pork shoulder and roast it about 4 hours in a conventional oven or over night in a crock pot. Then he suggests you shred it and not slice it.

Starting with the bottom slice of bread, layer

swiss cheese
slow roasted pork
(Optional - Mustard, Mayo, Red Onions)
thin sliced ham
sandwich pickles
swiss cheese

use French or Italian bread.......leave it sit out for a day or so....the harder the better..

butter bread, place on griddle and toast one side, flip and press.....toast, flip and press,

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sawa hibachi

It was my brother in-law's birthday yesterday and he decided he wanted to eat at the local hibachi restaurant. Sawa .Located in the Southern Park Mall in Boardman, oh. Great food and amazing chefs. They also have a Sushi Bar. I wish I could comment more but really, it was fantastic. 

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Omaha steaks? Don't be fooled

I'm starting to become less amazed every time I see something like this. I'm going to start to post when I see it now.
I'm completely for anyone running thier own business. However, this is, well, borderline shady.
Coincidence, that they are selling steaks from the same state that the company Omaha steaks ( ) shares it's name with?  Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of any little guy taking a big wet bite outta the big guys, but this company could be taking advantage of some people. If it is a farm from Omaha, NE. butchering some cows, packaging them, then heading out cross-country to sell them. Good For them! Here's my $20. What I take exception with is, How do you know? All they could be doing is going to Sam's Club, buying beef in bulk and cutting it up and labeling it Omaha, NE steaks. Look, I get it. This company is selling steaks from Omaha, NE, but to fool people into thinking that they are getting a big name product for a fraction of the price is, to quote Jon Stewart, "...disengenious at best and criminal at worst..."
I guess my point is, with the economy in the crapper there are going to people out selling products and they want your money. If you are cool with steaks from Omaha, NE. Then Buy em'. If you want Omaha Steaks buy em from the website.

I did not stop to ask any questions, maybe I should have. These are just my ramblings.

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O'Fallon's Hemp Hop Rye

O'fallon's, O'smallon's. Whatever. Is there hemp in that? Well, kinda. Hemp seeds. Just like the rye seeds. This gives the beer another level of flavor besides lime, which to this beer drinker is blasphemy and is already overused. Check the website for other year round and seasonal brews.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eli's Ribs

Don't be fooled by those giant tents and the semi carnie's cries "Turkey legs! Ribs!" Eli's has the best at the fair. They fall off the bone and their Sauce is made from scratch. This was at the Canfield Fair in Canfield, Ohio. If you anywhere near you owe it to yourself to stop.

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DiRusso's Sausage Sandwich at the Canfield Fair

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beef stew

As I was looking around the house this afternoon for something to eat, I stumbled across the crock pot. Again, to my delight, Amy has been cooking something for a day and a half. Beef stew. It tastes awesome. On a perfect day also. It has cooled off considerably in Youngstown. Great Fair weather. When she gets home I'll post the recipe.
Time for another bowl.