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Sunday, April 6, 2014

More of None of my Dad's recipes and his Taunts

I give you the Samsung Intensity II. It is one of the free phones you could choose when you sign up with Verizon. I show this to you because my Dad has one. When he wanted to taunt me about a pizza he was making he had Mom send me a picture of it. This is all I have. Looks like some type of flatbread pizza. I think it is obvious now, I need an inside man. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Mizu Japanese Restaurant, 60 Boardman Poland Rd., Boardman, Ohio44512

We finally made time to eat here. We waited too long. It was awesome. The sushi was beautifully and expertly crafted and delicious.  The decor was completely updated and remodeled with a full bar. Very modern and contemporary. I didn't get pictures but there are 4 private rooms. With tables where you sit on the floor. The service was fast.  Freiendly and courteous. We will be back. If you are within the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area you owe it to yourself to stop by and experience the amazingly delicious food. Below are pictures of the sushi we ate. Snow Mountain Roll, Youngstown Roll, Howland Roll, Sunrise Roll and Shrimp Ebi. Below that are pictures of the entire Menu. 
Find them on Facebook 
and on their website 

The old, old China Gate and newer Fuji restaturants in Boardman, OH that closed have since been reopened as Mizu Japanese Restaurant located at 60 Boardman Poland Rd., Boardman, Ohio 44512. Amy, me and our family liked Fuji, up until the end. They have been open for a few months now. We have been drooling over the pictures on Facebook, have heard great things about Mizu and can't wait to try the place out. As soon as we do we'll post a review with pictures of the menu, food and decor.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lucky's Cafe, Tremont, OH

Like most people, we had no idea Lucky's Cafe existed until we saw it on Food Network's, Diners, Drive-in and Dives. We do not buy into hype created for restaurants on TV shows, but in this case we were completely wrong. We started our day at the Children's Museum in Cleveland, OH. Dominic dug and built at the construction exhibit, shopped at the supermarket exhibit, gave our family a checkup at the doctor exhibit and anchored the weather at the weatherman exhibit. 
From there we went to Lucky's Cafe. We had to call and move our reservation to an hour earlier which they easily accommodated. From the exterior is deceiving; it looks very small but once you open the door it is very busy and very inviting. The barista to the left, waiting area in the middle, seating to the right and rear and kitchen to the back. Within minutes of sitting down we noticed the entire FOH staff working together, greeting tables, serving water and drinks, delivering food. For drinks we had Lucky's Latte, French press coffee and orange Dream Cream. For lunch we had Waffles, Lucky's Reuben, Shipwreck, Biscuit's and Sausage Gravy . Everything was freshly prepared and delicious. Quite possibly some of the most delicious food I have ever had. What Lucky's does with food when expertly prepared is amazing. Thank you Lucky's!
Below are the pictures from our visit. They are blurry because I had to snap the pictures fast before my family started eating. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Johnno's Pizza and Calzones

So, we had dinner over my dads house last night. He made pepperoni calzones, potato calzones and flat green pepper pizza. Again, I'd love to tell you that my dad coughed up all of these recipes, measurements and cooking times, however, surprise he did not. I will tell you, through my relentless reconnaissance I have Discovered just a few of this recipe ingredients. He uses cornmeal on the pizza paddle to slide the dough off of it onto the pizza stone that he keeps in the oven. Although, he has made the dough from scratch for, he does keep the affordable, ready to use pizza dough on hand for when he needs to whip up a few pies.  Some people prefer very thick, doughy calzones but I do not. The calzones that my dad made had a very thin dough crust to them.  On some portions of the calzone and had a crisp toasted flavor to them, very pleasant surprise. The pizza was a serious thin crust pizza.  The very edges were toasted deliciousness. I ate about six calzones and two pieces of pizza

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aunt Terri's 1st Annual Valentine's Day Chili Cook-off

This was the 1st Annual Valentines Day Chili Cook-off hosted by my Aunt Terri. When you think about it, this is the perfect time to have a chili Cook-off. It has been so cold, so long. Question:  What is better than a selection of hot spicy chili and family to share them with? Answer: A valentine's day party to book. My Dad, Johnno won. The pictures are below. 

My Aunt Terri's words "I'm glad we all could get together again. We all have such a good time. It's good to see everyone. These family get togethers are important to keep the family close. You'll  see as you get older looking back that these family interactions only strengthen family bonds."

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Johnno's Annual Super Bowl Party

So every year my dad hosts a Super Bowl party. Family comes over to watch the game. We catch up on happenings even though we just saw each other at Christmas. We lament over our block pools. A safety at the beginning of the game will throw off the typical numbers. We watch all the cousins run around the house and try to get in trouble. Which isn't hard to do since there only 2 rules at Papa's or Uncle John's house. 1. No playing around the fireplace and 2. Oh yeah, there are no rules. Family will bring over food and He'll have typical game day foods; pizza, wings and chips. But he always cook something unique and delicious. This year fried pork chop sliders. Big deal right? That's what I said. But they were more like deep fried and gone to heaven perfectly pounded pork and pickle sliders. And again, he will not divulge any recipes. I asked him and his response was, "Why, you gonna tweet that?" Here are the pics. Thanks for reading