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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Johnno's Annual Super Bowl Party

So every year my dad hosts a Super Bowl party. Family comes over to watch the game. We catch up on happenings even though we just saw each other at Christmas. We lament over our block pools. A safety at the beginning of the game will throw off the typical numbers. We watch all the cousins run around the house and try to get in trouble. Which isn't hard to do since there only 2 rules at Papa's or Uncle John's house. 1. No playing around the fireplace and 2. Oh yeah, there are no rules. Family will bring over food and He'll have typical game day foods; pizza, wings and chips. But he always cook something unique and delicious. This year fried pork chop sliders. Big deal right? That's what I said. But they were more like deep fried and gone to heaven perfectly pounded pork and pickle sliders. And again, he will not divulge any recipes. I asked him and his response was, "Why, you gonna tweet that?" Here are the pics. Thanks for reading

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