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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Johnno's Pizza and Calzones

So, we had dinner over my dads house last night. He made pepperoni calzones, potato calzones and flat green pepper pizza. Again, I'd love to tell you that my dad coughed up all of these recipes, measurements and cooking times, however, surprise he did not. I will tell you, through my relentless reconnaissance I have Discovered just a few of this recipe ingredients. He uses cornmeal on the pizza paddle to slide the dough off of it onto the pizza stone that he keeps in the oven. Although, he has made the dough from scratch for, he does keep the affordable, ready to use pizza dough on hand for when he needs to whip up a few pies.  Some people prefer very thick, doughy calzones but I do not. The calzones that my dad made had a very thin dough crust to them.  On some portions of the calzone and had a crisp toasted flavor to them, very pleasant surprise. The pizza was a serious thin crust pizza.  The very edges were toasted deliciousness. I ate about six calzones and two pieces of pizza

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aunt Terri's 1st Annual Valentine's Day Chili Cook-off

This was the 1st Annual Valentines Day Chili Cook-off hosted by my Aunt Terri. When you think about it, this is the perfect time to have a chili Cook-off. It has been so cold, so long. Question:  What is better than a selection of hot spicy chili and family to share them with? Answer: A valentine's day party to book. My Dad, Johnno won. The pictures are below. 

My Aunt Terri's words "I'm glad we all could get together again. We all have such a good time. It's good to see everyone. These family get togethers are important to keep the family close. You'll  see as you get older looking back that these family interactions only strengthen family bonds."

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Johnno's Annual Super Bowl Party

So every year my dad hosts a Super Bowl party. Family comes over to watch the game. We catch up on happenings even though we just saw each other at Christmas. We lament over our block pools. A safety at the beginning of the game will throw off the typical numbers. We watch all the cousins run around the house and try to get in trouble. Which isn't hard to do since there only 2 rules at Papa's or Uncle John's house. 1. No playing around the fireplace and 2. Oh yeah, there are no rules. Family will bring over food and He'll have typical game day foods; pizza, wings and chips. But he always cook something unique and delicious. This year fried pork chop sliders. Big deal right? That's what I said. But they were more like deep fried and gone to heaven perfectly pounded pork and pickle sliders. And again, he will not divulge any recipes. I asked him and his response was, "Why, you gonna tweet that?" Here are the pics. Thanks for reading