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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Food Blog - Challenge #1 - Ready, Set, Blog!

As my wife and I were contemplating entering the Project Food Blog contest we were thinking about everything we've accomplished with our blog.  From the beginning, all we wanted to do was to show people how to cook. We don't have anyone publishing for us, taking our pictures or writing our recipes. Nothing fancy schmacy, just good, easy to cook food. For 2 full years we've posted, when we could, any amazing products that we've personally tried, any immediate family meals that were notable and any extended family special occasion meals.
We figured it would be best to toot our horn on the first challenge and show the posts that we feel we're most significant for us. We are family people and given the choice to spend time with family, which usually revolves around food, or doing anything else, hands down we are with family.
We know that this first post may be excessive but this is who we are. We're just honored to be considered. Enjoy the show!
Here's a slide show of every every picture we've taken thus far.

We make Christmas Bread every year over my Mom and Dad's. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins all come over as well. We drink wine, kneed the bread, wait for it rise, then braid it, then deep fry it. See blog post s

This is White House Fruit Farm in Canfield, OH. We felt right around October would be the best time to visit because of all the fall colors. See the blog post

Next is the The Second Harvest Food Bank. We raised a couple hundred thousand dollars for them. In order of chaffing pans from left to right, Shrimp Cocktail with Gran Marnier and Habanero Tobasco Infused cocktail sauce, Pork Tenderloin. Check the blog post.

The following are just some holiday spread pictures.


  1. You got our vote!

    Come check out our PFB post

    Cheers and aloha.

  2. That is an assembly line of bread, wow!
    And all that food, awesome spread.