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Monday, September 6, 2010

Omaha steaks? Don't be fooled

I'm starting to become less amazed every time I see something like this. I'm going to start to post when I see it now.
I'm completely for anyone running thier own business. However, this is, well, borderline shady.
Coincidence, that they are selling steaks from the same state that the company Omaha steaks ( ) shares it's name with?  Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of any little guy taking a big wet bite outta the big guys, but this company could be taking advantage of some people. If it is a farm from Omaha, NE. butchering some cows, packaging them, then heading out cross-country to sell them. Good For them! Here's my $20. What I take exception with is, How do you know? All they could be doing is going to Sam's Club, buying beef in bulk and cutting it up and labeling it Omaha, NE steaks. Look, I get it. This company is selling steaks from Omaha, NE, but to fool people into thinking that they are getting a big name product for a fraction of the price is, to quote Jon Stewart, "...disengenious at best and criminal at worst..."
I guess my point is, with the economy in the crapper there are going to people out selling products and they want your money. If you are cool with steaks from Omaha, NE. Then Buy em'. If you want Omaha Steaks buy em from the website.

I did not stop to ask any questions, maybe I should have. These are just my ramblings.

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  1. We really appreciate your comments! Every so often we receive calls from customers with questions about our sales techniques. The truth is we do not sell Omaha Steaks products door to door nor do we sell our products from a tent. You are absolutey correct in saying if you want to be sure you are receiving Omaha Steaks products, you should purchase directly from Omaha Steaks. Thank you again for being such a great ambassador of our brand!

    Jamie Toledo
    Consumer Services Manager
    Omaha Steaks