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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Johnson Peaches, N US HWY 220 and Dockery rd/Haywood Cemetary rd, Rockingham, NC

Year after year of vacationing in North Myrtle Beach we noticed more and more Peach stands popping up. Most are small local farmers who have delicious peaches. But Johnsons Peaches, well they are different. This was the scene shortly after 9am. Peaches were available but it was obvious that they had already sold many and the parking lot was packed. Fresh Peaches are just one of the many produce items that they carry. They also have fresh plumb, watermelon, tomatoes, okra and potatoes just name a few. They also have Peach jams, purees and other canned or bottled peach assorted goodies. And if I didn't mention it, they're peaches are delicious. Nothing like that crap you'll find in the grocery store. These are juicy and sweet. 

The sign from the highway.

From left to right is fresh homemade peach and Strawberry ice cream. Both were delicious. I had to eat both since my son didn't eat the strawberry. They also make homemade apple dumplings. I should have got him one of those also. How do I know they are homemade? I could see them being made from the Ice Cream order window. 

So If you ever find yourself traveling down or up 220 in North Carolina make it a point to pay attention for Johnson Peaches. You will not be disappointed. Just note that they will be moving their retail location. We did. She you next year. 9am.

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