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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Justin's Hot dogs, Fresh cut French Fries & Corn on the Cobb

So do yourself a favor and stop at a farmers market or local farm and pick up a fresh potatoes and corn on the cobb before summer ends. This is how you do a summer dinner right. Before you fire up the grill get your deep fryer up to 375. Fresh cut French fries need a good 10-12 minutes to cook and will need shimmied every 3 minutes or so. After they are cooked to a crunch golden brown color they are moved to a paper napkin covered stainless steal bowl. 

Nathan's hot dogs are the only way to go. The flavor is unmatched. 
Some like short diagonal grill marks that go across the dawg. Justin prefers, and I agree, that the grill marks should extend the length of the hot dog. This caramelizes every bite.  

Your next question should be, "Where is the corn on the cobb"? The answer is still in the pot of water of course. After the corn is done cooking in water Justin leaves the corn in the water to keep it hot and juicy. This way every ear of corn that comes out is piping hot and ready for a pad of butter to be slathered all over it. I appreciate Justin, Jodi, Kaelin & Hailey for inviting us over for a family summer dinner. 

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