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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hog Wild Pig Roast at Drake Alliance Church

You are missing out if you don't hit at least one Pig Roast every summer. Amy's dad invited us to a Pig Roast catered by Hog Wild at his Church, Drake Alliance in Grove City. I'm not real big on BBQ. Too many quality control checks at the restaurants I've managed over the years taste testing mediocre sauces. Hog Wild's BBQ is anything but mediocre. Their pork fell off the bone, Their sauce is savory and they make great fixins, which is often an afterthought to most BBQ chefs. Not Hog Wild. 

You have to respect any Chef that is willing to prepare food right in front of you.

Great Fixins. The Cole Slaw was awesome. Creamy, a little tart but sweet. You could tell it was Homemade. Too many processed Cole Slaws have way too much vinegar which is over-balanced with way too much sugar. 

This was my second round. I ate the 1st one too fast. Their BBQ is probably my favorite. A close second is Eli's Ribs. I can't wait for the Canfield Fair to roll around so I can get a half slab.

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